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Valkoinen Länsiylämaanterrieri eli Westie

West Highland White Terrier

These pages for you who are looking for westie puppy

These pages you will find information a few finnish westie breeders puppy plans


As a breeder we want to do everything to get more healthy and good-tempered westies. And because we love our dogs we do also want to give best possible homes to them - homes where they are loved as a member of the family.


Every breeder on this site is member of Finnish Kennel Club and Finnish westie breed club - Westiekerho Ry.









Loving You

+358 40 507 6162

Expecting puppies



Lucky White

+358 40 - 708 4854



+358 40 554 1509


Happy Jammie's

+358 50 5599 837


Paws explanation


Green paws - Have puppies now or have puppies soon


Yellow paws - Puppies planned


Red paws - No puppies at the moment