Kennel Loving You


Valkoinen Länsiylämaanterrieri eli Westie

West Highland White Terrier

Kennel Loving You


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I live at the Finnish countryside with my husband, two children and our 11 westies.

Retu, our first westie came to live with us in 1993. When we decided to get our first puppy,my husband and I wanted to have a small, lively and cute friend: a small dog withcharacter. That's why westie was our choice. Loving You -kennel was registered in a year 1998 and first puppies were born same year.

Our dogs are part of our family. They live with us; take part into the daily routines: watch TV and enjoy the warmth of a fireplace in a cold winter evening. Our dogs can also enjoy all the advantages of Finnish countryside: they have much space to play and run. We also do long walks with our dogs in the forests nearby us. When my dogs get older, they can enjoy their life here with rest of the gang.

I do breed westies because I love them. As a breeder I want to do everything to get more healthy and good-tempered westies. And because I love my dogs I do also want to give best possible homes to them - homes where they are loved as a member of the family as they have been loved here at my place.